Thursday, October 04, 2007

News round-up

Six weeks is often a euphemism in football for A Long Time. When I damaged ankle ligaments playing football, six weeks was the rest period that was diagnosed. There was another four weeks of recuperation. Only after 10 weeks was I allowed to do any high impact activity. Add the need to get match sharpness – not something I needed, obviously – six weeks can easily mean three months.

So, there’s a worry that the six weeks diagnosed for Duffy’s broken arm and Eddie Anaclet’s knee ligaments could be considerably longer.

Duffy is an enigma; a goalscorer who doesn’t look like he’ll score. Penalties are his stock-in-trade, so it’s this, rather than his open play that’ll be missed. In truth, however, Gary Twigg looked competent from the spot against Forest Green.

The loss of Anaclet means the loss of pace down the right. In a team so devoid of pace, this is a blow. Presumably Matt Day will move out to the right allowing Willmott to slot into the middle. Yemi will have to drop into midfield, with Twigglet and Shaw playing up front.

There are other permutations, of course, but the absence of Duffy means Shaw is going to be needed up front to partner Twigglet. A Yemi/Twigglet combination is too small. There’s always Marvin Robinson, of course.

Rose, who also looks to be struggling with an injury, is not creative enough in midfield. Anaclet is able to bring the ball out of defence and turn it into attack. Yemi, though less cultured on the ball, is going to have to do that work.

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