Saturday, September 16, 2006

Heading for the Exet

With Eddie Hutchinson looking off colour and lethargic, and Carl Pettfer detailed with mopping up after Eddie Anaclet the centre of midfield was notably absent on Tuesday. The result was the ball being launched up to Marvin Robinson who had a fine game winning everything in the air. Sadly both Steve Basham then Yemi spent most of the night instinctively moving in the opposite direction to the flick-on.

Altogether it was a disjointed victory, we missed Gilchrist, not just because of his defensive qualities, but because he sets the tone and tempo. After the first goal against St Albans, a minute after Hargreaves' sending off, Gilchrist ran over to Jim Smith evidently to plot how to win the game with the situation changed. What's evident about Gilchrist since he's returned is how he's become much more of a thinker than he was 10 years ago when he was an all action centre back. We need that when things get a bit ragged, it was noticeable on Tuesday that nobody was keeping the Us to the game plan.

That said, the Conference has yet to present anything that the Us should fear. That's not to say going to a game is anymore fun. As soon as I sit down, I'm longing for a goal, once that's gone in, the final whistle can't come quick enough.

It was a cold dawning on the opening day when Halifax, that going to football is generally a horrible experience. It is only retrospectively that you can enjoy a victory. Even the easiest wins are a tortuous experience.

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