Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fade to Grays

OK, who thought they'd play in grey?

The quality of the team and the result of any individual game don't necessarily correlate, the proof of quality is over the whole season. So the Grays fan who was shouting 'We fackin' done ya' should enjoy his 'victory' whilst he can.

Make no mistake, Oxford were the better side. The passing in the first half was exhausting to watch, so it must have been horrific to defend. Second half, although there were plenty of chances, I thought we looked leggy. Hargreaves' return for Monday can't come soon enough. Hutchinson doesn't seem on the ball at the moment so Hargreaves should take some of the pressure off Andy Burgess to provide the spark and energy in midfield for the game against Crawley.

A draw, in a game we should have won, you would have thought Oxford fans would've learned to view a game objectively after seeing us being overwhelmingly crap for years. So fragile is the ego of the fan, the unbelievably angry bloke behind me, possibly a repressed homosexual, screamed that the performance was a complete shambles. It was far from that, but the Crawley game is going to come very quickly then there's another awayday followed by York at home all before the end of September. The end of the month can't come quickly enough because October, at least, looks more straight forward.

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