Monday, February 07, 2011

Gillingham 0 Yellows 0

If Oxford United were a teenage girl it would wear purple eye-shadow and paint its bedroom black. Every time its dad told her that her skirt was too short, she’d shorten it further.

In the week in which we had a featurette on Late Kick-Off and featured as The Fans of the Week on Soccer AM, and On the very day that the Premier League actually lived up to its hype by spewing up a tonne of goals, such is our petulant contrariness, we cocked a snoot at such frippery and finally managed to keep a clean sheet against Gillingham. There was even a caller to BBC’s 606 saying how wonderfully awful it had been.

But oh, the glory, it was treated as though it were a victory. Indeed a goal would have tainted the purity of the achievement. Whatever we are dong this season; it will clearly be done our way, on our terms.

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