Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hereford United 0 Yellows 2

I didn’t see it, but understand that Helen Chamberlain commented on Hereford v Oxford’s supposed non-leaguey-ness on Soccer AM on Saturday morning.

I realise that this is Sky patented ‘banter’, (how we football fans apparently talk but never do) but I would expect better from Chamberlain who has a genuine understanding of lower league football.

Our last non-league encounter with Hereford was two years short of half a century ago. However, even I was surprised to hear that Saturday’s victory was our first league meeting in over 30 years. So, not so much a non-league fixture more a never a league fixture.

We’ve existed in different orbits for years and judging by Saturday, it may be some time before we meet again after this season.

Now is no time to count our chickens after two wins against the two bottom teams in the league. There were always points to be had in September. Next up are perennial basket cases Stockport County and we’d be hopeful for another win there.

Our performances in August alongside these two win augurs well for the rest of the season. Whilst the results didn’t show it, we’ve been showing that we’re amongst 10-12 clubs who might be hoping for a play-off spot or better.

Whilst Chamberlain might be surprised at our football league credentials, others would do well not to be.

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