Monday, August 03, 2009

Comment: Pre-season

For the second year running, I’m going to miss the home first game of the season because of a holiday. As a result it feels too early in the summer to get that growing sense of anticipation for the new season.

A surreal pre-season doesn’t help. Traditionally we’ve toured around the non-league scene like a feudal lord exercising power through fear by sacrificing locals. This year, we’ve been more like Ghandi; confronting great swaithes of force, getting struck down for our impudence, before climbing back to our feet to be struck down again.

We would expect to get the run around against Peterborough, but without the variation of opposition, it is impossible to judge where we we’ve got to.

It has to be a worry that we haven’t had the opportunity to hone a match winning formula. I don’t want to be a doomy naysayer; but with two tricky away games to follow, it puts unnecessary pressure on the York game. I don’t want to get to my opening game, against Chester on the 18th, with the storm clouds gathering over the club again.

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