Saturday, September 01, 2007

News round-up

A week away with a Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool fan (different people, not one person switching allegiances based on who's doing well) the craving for a bit of cruddy old Conference fun is pulsating through me.

On the pitch things are looking good. Like Seb Coe in his pomp we're sitting at the back of the leading pack ominously waiting to strike. The 2-1 win against Stafford and 0-0 draw with Stevenage means we're sustaining championship form; if Jim Smith's theory of averaging 2 points a game is to be believed. Above us we might expect Salisbury and Forest Green to fall away as the season progresses, but the others look capable of mounting a charge. It shows the competitiveness of the league, especially if you consider that York, Kidderminster and Rushden could all yet have a say.

As we all know, Jim Smith believes we don't need anymore strikers. Which is presumably why he's snapped up yet another striker in Paul Shaw. Really, it's hard to believe anything that man says. Shaw's goalscoring record has been patchy, but a succession of decent managers have considered him worth a punt. Or is it just that they're all trusting each others' judgement?

Off the pitch, fitness coach Jordan Milson has gone to Swindon - presumably the Swindon squad are rubbish at doing their stretches or something. Someone called Dave Wates has taken over. Good luck old son.

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