Friday, November 10, 2006

Wanderers star

According to Rage Online’s frighteningly complete database, we’re pretty much level pegging with Wycombe Wanderers on past encounters. They just about edge it on average attendance.

Oddly this is not history being written by the victors, because a bit more investigation quickly reveals that two of our six wins were in FA Cup qualifiers during the 50’s (I told you it was complete). Another win was the penalty shoot-out victory in the Auto Windscreen Shield when Pal Lundin lashed in the decisive penno.

That’s more like it.

3 wins, 6 defeats, 3 draws and really only the 3-0 win in ‘96 to look back on with any fondness. This was the only win where we truly felt like a team in the ascendancy (as depicted in the iconic picture of Massey swinging off the crossbar and Moody executing an awkward cartwheel).

Otherwise the Wycombe derby has been a bit of a let down, although a big noisy away following is always good fun, we never seem to come home with the sugar. Last season’s defeat at Adams Park in particular felt like Mooney and co. were pulling our arms and legs at will. It was like the cold breath of reality on our neck; little Wycombe playing their sleeping giant neighbours didn’t work anymore.

All this makes tomorrow such a curious game; history and league positions are against us, but Wycombe have injury problems and a midweek game to recover from, and we have a tidal wave of positivity following us. I just can’t call it, implicitly I expect a Pavlovian defeat, but this is a different Oxford United, isn’t it? That’s the whole point.

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