Sunday, October 01, 2006

League of our own?

Another three points and eight points ahead. Whilst the win stretches our lead to eight points it reinforces our position in the netherworld of league football.

Having been banished to the naughty step by the Football League, the Conference has been less than welcoming. We've ruined 'their' season, according to Nigel Clough who thinks the league is all but done and dusted. We're arrogant and we're disrespectful according to fans. You start to understand what it must be like to be a Chelsea fan.

Of course, what Chelsea have done is singularly ignored any of the criticism and continued their cynical ways. Which is something we surely want to avoid. Barcelona, on the other hand, manage their external image in exemplary fashion; the club is owned by its fans, the only shirt sponsor they've entertained is UNICEF and they play open attacking football. It just shows that good guys can win sometimes.

There are plenty of Oxford fans who are drinking in this season's success, and who can blame them after the wilderness years. But in the end, nobody really likes a team who dominate in the way we are at the moment. But on the otherhand, there's no point in losing is there?

Teams in this position need to think on a higher level; you don't just win, but you win fairly and well. Yesterday's performance was excellent, few can have any complaints. However, Rufus Brevett wouldn't have made any friends when after the second goal when he ran a full fifty yards back from celebrating with Andy Burgess. For no obvious reason he chose to take a route between the two York players waiting to restart. Running between them he rolled the ball about two feet from its spot forcing the York strikers to retrieve it. It was totally pointless and very arrogant, but it was funny.

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