Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Rufus on fire

If fit, the signing of Rufus Brevett sounds like the perfect replacement for Gavin Johnson. As long as he has a basic level of fitness, his experience and skill should mean the side can retain the shape that's been so successful this year.

One of Jim Smith's key strengths is his ability to get access to the agents and clubs who don't normally deal in the conference. Ian Atkins' much maligned ability to access tough campaigners like Dave Savage, James Hunt and Andy Woodman was key to the brief spell of success a couple of years ago. Smith's contacts are of a higher quality but Atkins knew the division he was working in; as he's been showing at Torquay. Let's face it, knowing the systems and the players - so hated by many Oxford fans - is what revitalised Torquay and sent us down. Who's laughing now?

Difficult trio of games coming up; Morecambe, Exeter and Grays. If winning your home games and drawing away is at the heart of winning the title, the fact we're four points ahead of schedule could pay dividends over the next seven days.

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