Monday, July 03, 2006

Fixtures and fittings

With England's World Cup over, the world's finest footballing administrators have turned their attention to sorting out the fixtures in the Cracks of Doom. Now that its participants have, at last, been finalised the pathway back to the paradise of Coca Cola League 2 has now been defined. The computer, a reconditioned Amiga one assumes, has been kind to the mighty Us with Halifax at home on the 12th August. At least it sounds a bit like a league fixture. The parade of Conference giants doesn't last, however, three days later we're off to Dagenham and Redbridge.

Oxblogger's particularly looking forward to Burton Albion away on the 19th August, FA Cup 4th Qualifying on the 28th October and away at Tamworth on the 24th February.

Jim Smith, clearly unimpressed by the fare available to him in Germany, has beaten off a host of Europe's top clubs to sign Eddie Odhiambo-Anaclet, who apparently was at the club a few year's ago before moving to Southampton. Playing on the left presumably releases Andy Burgess to play in a more central playmaking role. That's if he plays, of course, it's difficult to find much about Eddie (who appears to use a number of different monikers - perming any two of his three part name throughout his career). The official site has spun the story with mentions of Theo Walcott and Dexter Blackstock and that he's spent time with Tamworth - but quite frankly, if you look at The Lambs' plethora of loan signings over the last couple of years, who hasn't? He also had a 19 minute career at Chester.
Googled, we learn that Abingdon United claim him as one of their own, scoring 22 in 35 games in 04/05. Apparently, the Simon Cowell of the lower leagues, Malcolm Elias had something to do with him defecting to the Kassam.

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