Saturday, June 24, 2006


The cold hand of the reality of next season began to rest itself on my shoulder this week. The BBC rearranged their football section labelling us, officially, non-league, which was all in preparation for the Wednesday's Carling Cup draw and Thursday's release of next season's League fixtures. Both of which, of course, we are no longer involved in.

It's all rather facile to say, had we survived we'd have been one of the teams in the opening Stockport v Hereford fixture; after all, Stockport were the team most likely to go down after us, and Hereford were the team that replaced us. As I say, there are other factors to consider, like the fact we did go down of course.

News is scant at the moment, more commercial success (1,500 season tickets sold) and a new Chief Scout, Bobby Roberts (Robert Roberts? what were his parents thinking?) is about as exciting as it gets.

We've turned down two bids from League clubs for Andy Burgess. You've got to say that's a good thing; no statues are being built in memory of his performances at the Kassam, but he's got a bit of quality about him and he's likely to look a class above in the Conference, which should also guarantee him a jolly good kicking.

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