Friday, June 30, 2006

Goalie Turley

Despite the requisite 'couple of offers from league clubs' Billy Turley has signed up for another couple of years. No danger of him admitting that the money was OK, and his kids are settled in the local school. Instead he gets all Marlon Brando and goes on darkly about 'unfinished business'.. whatever that means.

Turley's one of those players all fans seem to know. A bit of over exuberance with a bottle of Tixylix lead him to an FA ban. Last season it wasn't unusual to hear the chant 'Turley is a smackhead' being sung from the North Stand.

He's probably got himself a bit of a reputation as a result because he's more than capable of playing in most League 2 teams. What this means for Chris Tardif, I'm not sure, it seems a bit of a luxury to retain the two of them.

A good week then, a bit of pace up front and we're starting to look like a tasty side. It may be the sunshine, but on paper at least, the squad, small thought it is, under Jim Smith's tutelage, would be a quality League 2 side, let alone Conference. Though in essence, we've signed one player this week (and lost one), I'm beginning to feel we should walk next season... blimey, I must have a sit down.

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